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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 5, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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here's a lot of upper 20s and if you are around south lake tahoe, it's 3 below in south lake tahoe. truckee zero. incline village 7. heavenly valley 8. so there's cold ones. not only that the water temps are very cold for us. i mean san francisco 50. half-moon bay 52 and monterey at 51. i wouldn't be surprised if one dipped to 49. 28 up in lakeport. 30s for many. 40s closer to the bay or thecoast from -- for a lot. palo alto close to getting under 30. 32 los altos. woodside 31. 36 in foster city to hayward at39. that's pretty cold in foster site. for us, sunshine on the men -- city. for us, sunshine on the menu. temperatures bumping up. the cold is moving out. and so look for warmer weather today, highs in the low 60s for many. a few near 63, 64 around san jose. all right. sal, what do you have for us. we have the first signs of slow traffic out there.
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it's 580 westbound and as you drive on altamonte pass it's the tracy super commute. and we will see it here. traffic is going to be slow on 20 5. early birds are out. truck traffic is coming into the bay over the altamonte pass. once you make it into livermore, looks pretty good driving across to the dublin interchange with no major issues. and this is a look at interstate 880. dry weather is our friend. we don't have a lot of incidents this morning. traffic is moving along pretty well. and at the bay bridge, getting a little bit of a crowd especially in some of the outside cash lanes. 5:01. now back to the desk. this morning, san francisco police want to talk to former 49er and raider aldon smith in connection with an alleged domestic violence incident saturday night. ktvu christien kafton is in san francisco and you have details of the allegations. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. san francisco's special victims unit say they want to speak
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with aldon smith following the latest incident. so far he has not surfaced he has been suspended from the nfl and was suspend following numerous brushes with the law. this reported -- latest incident happened saturday at 8:30 near union scare in san francisco. a witness says he saw -- square in san francisco. a witness says he saw a woman believed to be his fiancee loaded in cruiser. teak off before police arrived. the -- he took off before police arrived a neighbor saying possibly coming down the fire escape. >> he would have had to jump down because the fire escape was not down. okay. they have to be rolled up from the -- from the top part and it was not hanging down last night. >> reporter: smith was drafted by the 49ers in 2011. his legal problems began in 2012 with dui arrest in florida. since then he racked up numerous encounters with with law enforcement. it is believed he was stabbed at a party in 2012. he was arrested for illegal
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possession of an assault weapon in 2013 that same year and arrested for a dui. in 2014 arrested following a run-in with the tsa and in 2015 he was arrest for dui again. that's when he was dropped by the 49ers. in 2017, he pled no contest to that 2017dui incident and served 20 days in jail. now at this point, police here in san francisco say they still have not heard from smith and they are looking for him and asking anyone who knows his whereabouts to contact them. >> all right christien kafton thank you. a murder suspect was arrested in reno. the fbi had been look for 22- year-old cardel waters since august. investigators say he is part of a dangerous richmond gang linked to several killings and a number of violent home invasion robberies. one of the people they are accused of of killing is ic. >>o -- nico martinez who was shot more than 50 times in
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september of 2016. 7 other gang members were arrested in august. our time is 5:03. parents of students at rooftop elementary school in san francisco worry about their children's safety after a threat was made against the school. the san francisco unified school district says an e- sent an e-mail alert -- sent an e- mail alert to parents and teachers saying an adult threatened rooftop elementary school on burnett avenue last tuesday. we have no details from the police, but school officials say the school principal and the school secretary were threatened. students were put on lock down after that threat was received. a suspect was arrested tuesday evening and reportedly the suspect was released on bail yesterday but that has not been confirmed. there will be police patrols today at rooftop school and at school district offices. the chp is investigating a shooting after a wounded man was found walking on interstate 880 in oakland last night. the chp says the incident started as a crash on 880 near
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the oakland coliseum at about 6:00 last night. when chp officers arrived on scene, they found one car abandoned on the shoulder. officers say some people driving on 880 saw a man who had been shot walking along the freeway. they picked him up and then flagged down oakland police who took the man to the hospital. it's not clear, though, what led up to the shooting. our time is 5:05. just a -- in a week the sierra went from having no snow to being a winter wonderland. what it's like there now as another snow pack survey is set for later today. >> stopping election meddling. a scathing new report calls out the state department for doing nothing to stop manipulation for the midterm elections this fall. >> and right now, we are getting a lot more crowded all of a sudden. we do see traffic here that's crowded at the bay bridge. it's getting crowded as well. we will tell you more about it straight ahead. >> and it was long overdue but 5 to 8 feet fell many soft of
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he thinks i'm going to see my sister! ♪ ♪ sometimes the confidence to be spontaneous starts with financial stability. once i heard it i was shocked. i just thought, i have to go get it! ♪ ♪ it's our tree! ♪ ♪ see how a personalized financial strategy and access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. welcome back. the aclu launched a new ad campaign trying to get action in washington on the damma program. the fewt turf hundreds of thousands of young people brought illegally to the u.s. as children is in limbo. president trump chose to end
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daca and gave congress until today to make the protections permanent. but two federal courts blocked the program from being terminated and last week, the u.s. supreme court rejected the trump administration's attempt to by-pass the federal appeals court and go to the supreme court. the aclu plans to use digital and television advertising as well as local protests. time is 5:09. president trump tweeting this morning saying what it will take to lift new tariffs on american goods." we have large trade deficits with mexico and canada. nafta which is under renegotiation right now, has been a bad deal for the u.s. massive relocation of companiesand jobs. tariffs on steel and aluminium will only come off if new and fair nafta agreement is signed. the president went onto tweet, to protect our country, we must protect american steel. america first. a new report says the state department still has not received any of the 120 million dollars it was granted to fight
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russian election meddling. "the new york times" says a hiring freeze at the state department has slowed the recruiting of computer experts needed to track russian hacking. also, the report says none of the analysts working to count eater efforts speak russian. part of the problem is the money that was granted to the state department has not arrived yet. state department missed a key deadline to receive the money last year and needed to wait until a budget was approved last month to begin the process up again. 40 million dollars is in the process of being transferred to the state department but won't be available to spend until april. well a north korea -- in north korea kim jong un hosted a dinner for officials from south korea who were on a visit following improved relations between the two countries during the winter olympics. the 20-member group is focusing on relations between the two nations with the aim of establishing conditions for a u.s. north korea dialogue. last month, north korea sent a high level delegation to south korea for the opening and
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closing ceremonies of the wint are olympics. after the meeting in the -- wint are olimb nicks. after -- wint are olimb fix -- winter olympics. they will go to washington, d.c. to broker's visit and negotiations between north korea and the u.s. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is meeting with president trump at the white house today. that visit comes as israel's attorney general is still considering whether or not to put netanyahu on trial for corruption. the prime minister called the investigation a witch hunt before leaving israel today, netanyahu said he will talk with president trump about middle east aggression in syria and other nations. netanyahu said he will try to get support to revise the 2015 nuclear deal with iran. the time is 5:11. president trump continues to fight term oil within the inner circle and now his family. this comes after a security clearance was pulled from his son-in-law and adviser jared kushner. that inner circumstanceel turmoil could be on full display today during the prime
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minister netanyahu's visit. he comes in from israel. doug luzader joins us now from washington with more on all of this. good morning, doug. >> reporter: good morning. look, there was a time in recent weeks in fact, where we would have expected jared kushner would play a critical role in a meeting like this between benjamin netanyahu and president trump and perhaps he is behind the scenes. but he is facing real difficulties now. president trump's inner circle is tighter by the day. and what once seemed to be unbreakable white house bonds between the president and first daughter ivanka and son-in-law jared curbner are weakening. >> questions about injureed kushner unsettled that dynamic of family and trust that is important for any president to have. >> reporter: kushner whose portfolio includes finding a new way forward for middle ease peace -- middle east peace should be front and center with netanyahu visiting white house. but he faces new questions about his family business interests and security
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clearance was recently downgraded. some who have been close to trump saw the potential for these kinds of problems. >> not because they weren't competent or qualified or the president didn't trust them, but because when circumstances come up the president couldn't have been aware of, and in a normal situation, you might term nate a staff member for that reason, comes a lot more difficult if you are going to sit at thanksgiving din wert person. >> reporter: on the other hand we are talking about family here. and for a president who is said to value loyalty above all else that cab big factor. and the typical revolving white house door may not necessarilyapply. >> i think initially it was a little more complicated because everyone kind of had access and there was a little bit less of a lines of authority in place but i think over time, they found a better place. >> reporter: we used to think the trump family members were immuned to the kind of turnover and churn we have seen within the trump administration in re
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recent weeks but perhaps not. we will see how it plays out. pam and dave. >> there's been change in the president's inner circle since he took office. is it possible jared kushner will be moved to a smaller role? >> reporter: well, yeah. i think there's some that argue maybe that happened. he won't play the prominent role in middle east peace he's would have if he hadn't lost his security clearance. so there's issues left to work out here in terms of what his role within the administration is going to be. >> all right. doug luzader live from washington. thank you. all right. 5:14 is the time. back over to sal to check in on traffic. hopefully no big problems for the commute. >> yeah. we are off to a decent start. we are looking at gilroy community and i am looking at the commute -- commute and i am looking at the commute from gilroy and san jose and people who drive from as far as way -- as far away as castroville. people will drive long
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distances and that's happening. we don't have a lot of slow traffic but we have a lot of people on the road. this is 280 northbound downtown san jose. this is very light. as you drive up to highway 17 and beyond that, the cupertino. at the bay bridge, we are getting a little bit of a backup now. looks like the metering lights may be turned on. it's not a huge backup but there are people there on this monday. i will check to see if -- the peter -- metering lights have not officially been turned off but it looks like it to me. at 5:15, let's bring in steve. and did you look at the flags. >> oh, yes. i see the flags and looks like it's a wind from the south. >> south that's correct. thank you, sir. >> i am learning. >> you are a sharp student. let's get to it. we are well behind but we did make up a little ground on the rain year totals. rain year total. santa rosa at 5%. that's it. that's it but remember they were under 50 in a -- at 55%. that's it. that's it but remember they
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were under 50%. san jose 54 and there's hope for about another 10, 15 days of adding to this. now not today. it's all about cold temps this morning. and 30s, 40s around the bay. 20s and 30s for inland areas. so patchy frost. 30 in fairfield. 27 now up in lakeport. and 33 at napa airport. sannate -- santa rosa at 31. even berkeley and oakland 39 and 38. so it's cold. 30 in gilroy. any 20s yet? yes, boulder creek is at 29 santa cruise mountains and a lot of 30s around lows gatos and cupertino and santa cruz over to this area there's 30s. it will be sunny today a few high clouds will work their way in tomorrow. we have a little bit of a south breeze at sfo east at oakland and northeast at hayward a slight eastern breeze for some. not for all but for some. and it will make for a beautiful day by the coast. clouds will start to inch their way in tomorrow but the cold is moving out and now the pattern is warmer monday and tuesday. we will see temperatures above
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average. they have been below for two weeks. more clouds looks like rain starts to the north on wednesday. and then probably carries into thursday morning. that's not the main system. like everything continues to come in as advertised it will be over the weekend and this is coming in more from the west. not from the north. so the snow level will go up. but if we get this much rain, that would be very good in a week's time and 10 to 15 day outlook is wet. 60s on a lot of the temps or a few upper 50s. maybe mid-60s towards santa clara valley. 63 san jose. 63 for antioch. and temperatures will bump up tomorrow going above average. they will continue on wednesday but then it's a lot of cloud cover and off and on rain and by the weekend, everybody will get in on that day. >> we are in that pattern. >> i hope so. thank you. time is 5:17. from winning the nba, mvp for winning an academy award. more on cobi bryant's big oscar win last night. at the academy awards. plus, a new car? or a 100,000 dollar bonus?
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the changes to united airlines bonus policy that has some employees really upset. ally upset. ♪ ♪ hello? hello!
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♪ hello? hello. hello? hello. ♪ hello, i got your package. you can just leave it, thanks. ♪ ♪ hello? can i help you? hello! hello? hello!!! hello hello!!! ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2 it's 5:20. today state lawmakers lay nouns plans to encourage building more housing development near public transportation. it's the latest push to increase the amount of available housing. especially here in the bay area. and also encourage those news residents to use public
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transportation. state senator scott weiner of san francisco proposed a bill to change zoning laws. his plan would allow the developers to build condos or townhomes as tall as 8 stories high if they are wan half mile of public transportation, including bus terminals or bart stations. if the state law is approved shall it would overrule local zoning restrictions. but that's not sitting well with some people we talked to in or rinda. >> not really the character of orinda. and so, it kind of destroys the downtown of orinda and for that reason, i don't know it would go here. >> i kind of think i like the open spaces. and that may be selfish. there's got to be a balance. >> but that idea is popular with people who don't own a home and also with lawmakers. later this morning, two state assembly members will be at the concord bart station. they will unveil their plan for building housing on land that is owned by bart. also the metropolitan transportation commission has
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committed 10 million dollars to help nonprofit housing developers across the bay area. the developers can bore yoi money -- borrow money to buy or preserve existing honey for low and middle income renters it can be only be used for multihousing near communitier lines. the amount they can earn depends on the county. google reportedly is close to finalizing a deal to expand the offices in new york city. the 2.4 billion dollar reported deal in manhattan will add to the already large campus in new york. the google expansion comes as other tech companies including amazon, facebook and spotify are also expanding in manhattan. no comment on this from google. united airlines is scrapping the traditional bonus system and replacing it with a lottery drawing. if united airlines meets the goals, all employees would have
5:23 am
a chance to win prizes, including a car, and cash up to 100,000 dollars. according to this new lottery system, only 1.6% of employees would win a prize. to qualify for the lottery, the employees have to a have perfect attendance for the entire year, which means no sick days. we contacted some united airline employees. they say they don't like the idea. time is 5:23. we are learning this morning that instagram may launch voice and video calling services. analysts say files buried within the instagram app packages reveal the company has been working on this for a while. there's no word on when or if instagram will launch the video and voice calling service. amazon will soon stop selling products from nest. business insider reports amazon will not sell the smart thermostat once the current stock runs out. the report says amazon refused to sell nest newest products
5:24 am
and as a result, nest decided amazon won't be able to sell any of its products. some analysts say it may be due to the ongoing feud between amazon and google. google by the way, bought nest last month. toyota plans to invest almost 3 billion dollars in a new business devoted to self- driving car technology. the toyota research institute advance development will focus on software for the self- driving cars. it will start with about 300 employees but they are expected to grow to a thousand. the company's pushing to get self-driving cars on the market as soon as possible. toyota is getting close to a self-imposed deadline of the year 2020 for selling cars that can drive themselves on freeways. time is 5:24. new restaurant dedicated to the love of french fries is coming here to the bay area. hashtag get fried fry cafe. it opens today in santa clara
5:25 am
near levi stadium. the restaurant only sells french fries but you have the option to get different styles, different toppings. it will be the restaurant's first california location. they have others in texas and new york. time is 5:25. former first lady michelle obama will come here to the bay area later this month. we will tell you how much money she may make when she stops at oracle arena. and college living for working professionals. thousands of people are applying to move into dorm rooms for adults. in san francisco. good morning. we see slow traffic out there. and on the san mateo bridge, itlooks pretty good. the bay bridge traffic is getting thick. we will talk about that, too. >> you may need some fries to stay warm up in south lake tahoe this morning. the wind chills are 13 below. look at santa rosa at 24.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> later today, the third snow survey of the season in the sierra will be taken by state water experts and they expect a big change from the first two surveys when there was only 14 inches of snow near echo summit in eldorado county. many ski resorts in the sierra report more than 7 feet of new snow in the past week. now about 2 feet of snow fell at boreal -- boreal over the
5:29 am
weekend. skiers and snow borders flooded the area to take advantage of the snow. some skiers said it was the best snow they have seen in years. but officials warn the highways lead together ski resorts wercrowded. there were several avalanche as well. looks good, though. we welcome you back to mornings on 2. monday, it's march 5th. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. thanks for joining us this morning. let's check in with deeive who has a different forecast this week. >> correct. >> but still some rain. >> there's rain in the forecast. just warmer. >> okay. >> and if you are in lake tahoe it's cold up there. it is. truckee is 4 below. south lake tahoe is 3 below. 7 at incline village. heavenly is 8. reno is at 21. cold degrees. you put that wind chill in there and south lake tahoe is 13 below. that's pretty cold. mammoth lake 2 pee he low. susanville 13 so it's chilly out there. we have 20s and 30s here.
5:30 am
28 lakeport. and 30 santa rosa. 30 fairfield and 33 livermore and 32 now in sunnyvale. and even oakland airport is at 38 degrees. 27 up in kelseyville, 35 in american canyon and vallejo and bodega bay at 39. and 29 degrees here. okay dental is close. so yeah it's cold out there. and it will begin to warm up. the days are longer. temperatures getting into the 60s here. we have been lee low for a long time. a little puff of an eastern breeze for some. otherwise lots of sunshine. it will be nice today. the cold is getting modified. we are going to have a warmer pattern today and tuesday. and then cloud cover comes in from the west. not from the north. that will give us light rain on wednesday but a better opportunity over the weekend. snow levels are going up and it locks like we will get precip later in the week. today, though, sunny and 60s mainly. 5:30ch this is usually when -- 5:30. this is usually when things pick up. metering lights have been turned on and we are getting more of a crowd. thank you, steve. and if you are about to leave,
5:31 am
leal me -- let me show you solano county commute. if you are drive from vacaville, fairfield a little slowing in vallejo as you drive towards interstate 780 and car keenis bridge -- car keenous bridge. this is the commute now on highway 24. getting a little more crowded through lafayette op the way to the tunnel -- on the way to the tunnel, this is 80 here emeryville coming around corner to the bay bridge. it's not too bad as you get into san francisco. there's a little bit of a backupwhich is typical but nothing unusual getting into the bridge. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland and traffic is doing pretty well. at 5:301, back -- 5:31, let's go back to the des glk police in vacaville need help -- desk. police in vacaville need help identifying car thieves. two men stole one car from an apartment complex on crestent drive near vaca valley parkway and interstate 505 in vacaville. now, i want to look at security
5:32 am
images. security camera images of the men police say were involved. the people were involved. several people who live in the apartment complex say thieves broke into the cars, two people say the cars were stolen. police say one of the cars was used by the suspects when they left the complex. if you have any information, you are asked to call vacaville police. time is 5:32. a plan to try to ban gun shows from the santa clara county fair ground. santa clara county supervisor ken yeager says several people complained about local gun shows, so, tomorrow, he will propose banning the gun shows. the santa clara county fairgrounds earns about 6,000 dollars a year from the two gun shows held there every year. nationwide, there are more than 4,000 gun shows every year. those shows account for less than 10% of annual firearm sales in the united states. . so our question of the day is this. do you believe a ban on gun shows would reduce gun
5:33 am
violence? let us know what you think. vote on the ktvu twitter page. you can comment on the ktvu facebook page. san francisco based ride sharing service lyft is taking a political stand in the gun control debate. lyft says it will offer free rides to people attending gun control rallies organized by survivors of last month's florida school shooting and supporters. their event which they call march for our lives is scheduled to take place in cities around the country on march 24th. lift a-- lyft announced the offer in a open letter sent to the student organizers saying the company was inspired by the leadership. 5:33. two bart stations under construction are running into more delays. the mercury news report milpitas and berryessa stations may not open until early next year. they were composed -- supposed to be completed in december but they run into issues including testing delays, and also a shortage of workers. santa clara valley rains tore
5:34 am
participation agencies is helping -- valley trance for participation agencies are helping to build the stations. law makers voted against a 5% pay increase in west virginia that the teachers negotiated with with the governor. this is impacting 277,000 student who have been out of school since february 22nd. salaries for teachers in west virginia start at 33,000 dollars, which is among thelowest in the country. >> i think we have surpassed the point of conversations and i don't think that there's anything the leams lators have provided us to give us any sort of hope -- legislators have provided us to give us any sort of hope they will take actions. >> there apears support among lawmakers for 4% salary increase. the governor said in a series of tweets this weekend that he stands by the 5% increase. time is 5:34. happening today, an oakland city council woman will host a community meeting about solving the homeless crisis. caplin will host meeting
5:35 am
tonight at 5:30 at council chambers in city hall including a discussion with the members of the alameda county bort board of supervisor -- board of supervisors and faith leaders and the public is invited. today governor new some will file the papers to become a candidate of the governor of california. noontime today he is due to submit the paperwork at the department of of elects in san francisco city hall. his name will appear on the ballot in the november 6thelection. warriors center javale mcghee took children to see black panther to showcase greatness. they went to the grant lakes theater as part of a after school program that helps low income and disadvantageded kids. he said he wanted them to see the smash hit as a way to inspire and enlighten them. >> it just felt right because it's a all black movie. all black director and i feel like that's really empowering
5:36 am
and touching for kids in the inner city to see people of our color doing great things. >> in the film, the title character opens a technology center in oakland. he wants young people of color to see they too can do great things. along with the warriors owningland a's hosted free screening of the movie for children. black panther continues to dominate at the movie box office. >> what happens now? >> what is happening to the rest of the world. >> the super hero movie blackpanther number one at the movie theaters for the third weekend in a row selling another 66 million dollars in tickets. it's now grossed a half billion dollars in the united states alone and opens in china march 9th. two new movies slid in after black panther at the box office. new jennifer lawrence movie red sparrow made 17 million. and the crime thriller death
5:37 am
rish tarring bruce willis -- starring bruce willis took in 13 million dollars. it was a big night at theoscars last night. >> and the oscar goes to... the shape of life. >> big dray -- water. >> the big dramatic pause. the love story was best picture at the 90th academy award. the film was considered a heavy favorite for the award. it received a leading 13 nominations won four oscars including the for best director. >> dear basketball glen king and kobe. >> and an oscar trophy to the kobe bryant trophy case. the award is best animated short for dear basketball a film based on his stories after
5:38 am
retirement. he said it felt like winning another championship. people joked on social mooda saying he did something better than michael jordan who tried his shot at hollywood but never won an oscar for space jam. >> kobe is from my hometown in philly. >> yeah. >> the mom about a. >> he has a big -- momba. >> he has a big trophy case. will the mountain rescue teams in the sierras, they werebusy over the weekend. at 6 we will have more on the snow and thus, what saved a snow border after an avalanche. >> impressive the nfl the. we will introduce you to a line back here turned the heads of nfl scouts and players over the weekend. >> fast. you know what, right now, the freeway is not too shacky. looks pretty good pasting oracle arena heading towards downtown oakland. it is not going to stay this way for too long but right now it looks okay.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. san jose sharks are in a fie tore 5th place in the western conference. and after a 4-2 loss to columbus. columbus already had a 2-0 lead in the second period. so, when the jackets scored again san jose pulled veteran goalie. and the newest shark evander cane got the first goal. but columbus got the victory. and ended the 2-game winningstreak. next up they play the bluesthursday night. time 15:4 -- 5:41. the big combine for guys trying to get into the league and one player stood out. linebacker shaquem on saturday bench pressed 225 pounds did it 20 times and he did it with with a prosthetic left hand. his left hand was amputated when he was 4 years old. yesterday, he showed off, too.
5:42 am
clocking the fastest 40 by a line backer in more than 20 years e turned in a time 4:38 this is excellent for a running back or wide receiver. >> means just what it says. aisle will have people that will have doubt of things that i can do and it started at the bench press and some people think i can do 3 some think 5. that's one step closer to everything i need to be able to accomplish and it's going to be a lot more doubters saying what i can't do and i am ready to prove them wrong. >> he is good. some of the current nfl players are praising this young man on twitter, including seattle seahawks cornerback richard shermon who said griffin is a no brainer to go in the first three rounds of the nfl draft. spring training is in full swing in arizona and rookies might make the giants opening day roster. scott reiss is in scottsdale where he spokes with two prospects about their dreams. >> reporter: it's no longer a
5:43 am
pirate's life for mccutchen or watson both long time bucs will find their hearts in san francisco. as long as it seemed to take for the giants to work out a dealfor mccutchen the off season it didn't take him long to figure out his new clubhouse. >> i think i've been around enough now too many things are not going to surprise me when it come to the game. it's laxed and laid back but guys the reason it is is because bochy has faith in us and knowwhat we node to do and -- need to do and we go out and do it. >> reporter: the 10-year veteran and five time all star has never played in a world series. fully expects to buck that trend. >> there's guys who have been a part of the championships here, and you know, that's great. because you are able to be with those guys plane with -- play with them and they know what it takes to be able to get there. >> reporter: watson's addition a bit more abrupt. the left hander signed on days after spring training began.
5:44 am
>> pretty much threw my stuff in a suitcase and got out here as fast as i could because camp started. >> reporter: like former and current team made the manager and pedigree were selling points. >> inhe joyed -- i enjoyed running from the other side how he runs team and it's wing organization and that's where i am at in my career and what i want to do and what it's about. >> reporter: mccutchen will be a big time run producer for the giants. watson will set up for another former pirate. both addressed critical off season needs and both players should make this team a lot better in 2018. in scottsdale, scott reiss, ktvu. former espn sportscaster chris berman is getting great reviews after he was the team manager with the giants. he worked with the coaching team and mid a -- made a mid- inning pitching change. the long time giants fan also honored his late wife.
5:45 am
he was wearing number 83. that was the year he and his wife were married. kathy berman was killed last may in a car crash. chris berman was at a giants mets game in new york when the police contacted him. according to the mercury news e. he said he is great -- he said he is grateful for the giants executive and the manager for checking on him since she died. 5:45 is the time. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic this morning. what are you keeping an eye on. >> we are looking to see how fast we are ramping up here dave and pam i see traffic is getting a little bit more crowded all over the place, which is typical as we approach the 6:00 hour. let's go out and take a look at the altamonte pass. we have stop and go traffic and this morning we have traffic on 580 that's slow before 205 which is unusual. but we have slow traffic here and here which is typical. but then when you get to livermore it looks pretty good. see how slow it is there.
5:46 am
you also see traffic that is going to be a little bit slow at dublin interchange and slowing down at the castro valley y. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. see traffic in both directions is fine. but at the bay bridge we have been with the metering lights on for a half-hour now and it is backed up for 10 minute delay. so things are ramping up on this monday. let's bring in steve with the weather. >> our weather is clear and cold this morning. it will be nice later today. we get back into 60s on the temps. we have been well below for a long time. but, the pattern is changing. but until we get there john tells us west santa rosa is 29 cold degrees. i believe it. there are many around there. kelseyville is 26 and you can find 30s, okay dental is 30. windsor 0 and bodega bay at 39 degrees. 30s for even napa and american canyon and vallejo. and there are areas around the bay that are checking in on the 30s. a lot of 20s and 30s to the north. even 30s down towards palo alto
5:47 am
and sunnyvale and livermore and fairfield is at 30 degrees. and how about even around santa cruz and watsonville, 30s there. and marina 37 and down in monterey, it's 38 cool degrees. that's pretty chilly. we will see a pattern change. today will be sunny and nice. tomorrow a few high clouds comes in. zero in truckee. they were 4 below so they are warming up. a wind chill at 13 below for south lake tahoe. next system coming in is coming from the west not the north. so, this will be a different pattern. warmer monday and tuesday. then we will start to see increasing clouds coming in. now looks like this is mainly north of the golden gate but i think some of it will drag south. the timing on this is a few high clouds tuesday but no big deal. it will be sunny to mostly sunny and upper 60s. and wednesday we cloud up. system is close by wednesday even to the north and -- evening to the north and drags across wednesday and thursday. but there's more behind that. pretty good signs of decent rain by the weekend.
5:48 am
these are warmer so the snow level goes up. maybe around 500 to 6,000 feet but in a back's -- week's time decent totals and 10 to 15 day outlook is wet here. 60s on most of the temps a few upper 50s but near average then tomorrow we go above. and we will continue that theme into wednesday. pretty mild upper 60s there but light rain makes it wednesday and thursday and a lot of cloud cover with rain developing as we go into the weekend. >> okay. sound good. >> you got it. >> thank you. 5:48 is the time. life after the white house is proving to be lucrative for former first lady michelle obama. mrs. obama will be at the oracle arena on march 28th. tickets range from 93 to 3100 dollars per seat. the sellout would bring in more than 2 million dollars. there's speculation that the upcoming mont rate -- moderated conversation is a way to test the water for future political interests. the former first lady's memoir will be in stores in november. a san francisco start up is
5:49 am
getting attention for creating dorm style like for the middle class. star city opened 3 properties with 36 units. they buy old or underused properties and turn them into community space. residents get their own room, most share bath rooms, kitchens, and a living space. star city is developing 9 more properties and has 8,000 people on the wait list for these. rooms go for 14 to 2400 dollars a month. fully furnished with utilities and wi-fi included. star city is on track to have hundreds of units open around the bay area this year. and thousands by 2019. >> what do you think? >> it's an interesting way tocombat high prices here. >> yeah. time is 5:49. and the historic san francisco church is now an official landmark. more about the big ceremony to add that building to the church city a historic registry.
5:50 am
♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, michaela deprince could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while performing a grand jeté between two grand pianos. she could... in a commercial. in real life she uses it to pay her sister, from her couch, for that sweater she stained. what sweater? (phone buzzes) life, lived michaela's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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welcome back it's 5:52. oakland school district gets a 1.8 million state grant to support new students and that includes refugees in oakland schools. the money will be used to be the kurt current and next year paying -- will be for the current year and next year. it will scream streamline processing for students it will work with mentoring programs and community groups to help
5:53 am
students feel safe. superintendent ace it will make it easier for students to focus on the school work. it's prom season which means it's an expense he have time of year for families but the dance doesn't have to break the bank. one group is providing free prom dresses to any teen who needs one. >> reporter: two months before prom, high schoolgirls begin the hunt for the perfect dress. >> no i tried on a million. i am so picky. it's bad. >> reporter: natalie and nicole are going to the same prom but their style is very different. >> i am formfitting and she is more like classic look. >> reporter: two teenage daughters going to the same prom could be very expensive for one family. luckily scarlett discovered the princess project years before the twins. >> with three girls in the house we have to be thrifty and they are used to having my dresses so having the opportunity to have maybe more of a selection is nice>>
5:54 am
reporter: all the racks are organized by size and this morning by color too on the second floor the princess project displays thousands of dresss in different styles and sizes all donated. >> this is fre we don't do income verification. just make an appointment online and bring a high school id and out get a -- and you will get a dress. >> reporter: 400 teenage girls are expected on day one to pick out one dress and one accessory item. they come -- >> they come in and have 50 minutes to shop for dresses and 15 minutes to try on and 15 minutes to pick their one favorite accessory so about 45 minute to an hour. >> reporter: the princess project teamed up with benefit cosmetics to help girls get ready and keep the cost low. >> things have changed. these girls are in totally new era and they are trying to look like the women in mag diseeps and the women they see on the internet. >> reporter: the princess project hopes to make it possible for hundreds of bay
5:55 am
area goes on until march 24th and any dress not picked up by girls this year will be held over for next year's prom. in san francisco leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. it's 5:55. one of san francisco's historic churches is now an official san francisco landmark. [ music ] >> this is the third baptist church near alamo square added to the historic registry. the pastor reverend amos brown says the church is a house of worship and a center for the fight for civil rights and human dignity. >> the significance is they could not ignore the stellar story of this significant congregation. >> while the church building was built where it stands, in 1952 this congregation has been gathering since 1852. it was the first black baptist church formed west of the rocky mountains. rare video of the aftermath
5:56 am
of the 1906 earthquake in san francisco is discovered at a flea market. now according to the san francisco chronicle, the 9 minute reel shows the two weeks after the earthquake. the footage was produced by a studio run by the miles brothers best known for their silent film a trip down market streetch the public will be able to view the footage on april 14th at film museum in fremont. >> fascinating. >> yeah. time is 5:56. a search goes on for suspended oakland raider aldon smith. coming up at 6, the latest legal trouble for the football star. plus a. woman in her -- and her dog are home this morning after being rescued from the side of a cliff in san francisco. we will have more on how they got there when we return. >> well, we are out the door. a lot of people are. if you are not yet, it's getting a little more crowded already on the 85-80,24. >> the skies won't be crowded. they are clear.
5:57 am
in fact, no cloud cover probably at all under sunshine and warmer temps although pretty cold this morning. we will talk about a change in the pattern for this week.
5:58 am
5:59 am
nfl player aldon smith in trouble with the law again in san francisco. we will tell you what charges he is facing. >> this week the nation's farmers are focused on san francisco. what a judge will have to decide and how you, the consumer, could be a affect. mornings on 2 -- could be affect. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thanks for waking up with us on this monday morning. march 5th. i am pam could be. >> i am dave clark. let's talk about weather. there's much to tell you. steve is here. >> it's cold out there but at least it's clear. this is us coming into work earlier. >> yeah. >> we came in slightly ahead of you. >> yeah. a little chilly this morning. i will tell you. it's cold out and it's upper 30s around oakland airport. so, there's cold readings out there. but, it's pretty quiet and it's clear. looks nice. thank you for that. i do believe it was kevin
6:00 am
pender there. kevin thank you. snow unbelievable amounts 5 to 8 feet fell. and just fantastic. can't wait to hear the snow. they are taking the snow survey today right? the snow survey. >> yes. >> i think we will have good news and more is on the way. the snow level will go up. patterns are changing. more on that in a second. paul said i left the cold in the mountens to return to the cold in martinez at 32. let's look the one observation shows 40. one 35 and 31 wall net creek. 29 danville a lot of 3 1ás around san marow and dublin and pleasanton. cold enough and wind chill is 13 below in south lake tahoe. 7 below in mammoth and 25 in santa rosa so it's cold. it's cold. 30s and 40s with few 20s to the north in mendocino county. and a few high clouds tomorrow. no big deal. the pattern is going from a cold one out of the north to a westerly one. so warmer today and tomorrow. and some rain looks


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